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Next-generation endpoint security uses modern artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a tighter integration of network and device security to provide more comprehensive and adaptive protection than traditional endpoint security solutions. Next-generation endpoint protection incorporates real-time analysis of user and system behaviour to analyse executables—allowing users to detect fileless “zero day” threats and core advanced technologies prior to and during execution, and take immediate action to block, contain, and roll back those threats. In addition to addressing threats, next-generation tools also proactively learn from threats and continuously adapt methods combat them with greater speed and efficiency.

Advance Protection Against Threats Targeting Your Business

Next-generation endpoint security featuring AI and machine learning helps organizations keep pace with the increasing number and sophistication of threats. Organizations and security staff overwhelmed by the time and skill level needed to effectively utilize more products, more management tools, and more manual workflows with less available talent can benefit from the automation functions provided by next-generation endpoint security.

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