Z CYBER is an established IT Security Services provider with an integrated approach to the protection of a business’ tangible and intangible assets.

Let’s say it – no technology works without support. It needs to be maintained alive through constant supervision, development and adaptation to the best of our needs and benefits.

That is what our main role in the chain is as a Value Added Reseller – be there for our customers, from start to finish. That is what we do – Support.

Our experience is based on hundreds of projects from various types, application and complexity, but all of them share a common procurement process.

Assets Identification
Identification of your existing tangible and intangible assets, and measuring the value they have to the business.

Needs and Risks
Establishing the needs of those assets along with the associated risks of addressing them.

Measuring the direct and indirect costs associated with the project and building a Business Case.

Once this three-step process is complete, we can shortlist a manageable count of relevant products that would address the matter adequately and within budget.

The vendor partnership strategy of the company is built on the grounds of experience and innovation. Whilst Z CYBER is here to make the most for its customers from leading global cybersecurity vendors, we constantly keep finger on the pulse of the industry for new innovative technology companies who always have to offer the right solution in the right time.

IT Departments alone, find it ever more difficult to keep pace with today’s cyber reality expansion and technology adaption. Systems integration and support require more and more specialized knowledge. Our job is to advise and assist in this process – from selection, through implementation, to support.

Security is our mantra and we are here to stay!