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Why Do You Need a Vulnerability Assessment Tool?

According to a recent Forrester Global Security Survey, “49 percent of organizations have suffered one or more breaches in the past year, and software vulnerabilities were the largest factor in those breaches.” On top of this, vulnerabilities have skyrocketed in recent years. A heaping 22,022 security vulnerabilities were found in 2018, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability assessment efforts in organizations.

How to assess security vulnerabilities- vulnerability assessment checklist:

Most vulnerability assessment tools provide common metrics such as severity ratings and Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) ratings to assess security vulnerabilities. However, to truly understand the risks posed by a vulnerability, you need to look beyond those basic metrics.

You should take the following checklist into consideration while performing a security vulnerability analysis:

  • Has an exploit been publicly revealed for the vulnerability?
  • How long has the vulnerability been lurking in your endpoints?
  • How difficult it is to exploit the vulnerability?
  • Has the vendor released a patch for the vulnerability?
  • Have you employed a vulnerability assessment tool to extract meaningful insights from gathered scan data?
  • Does your vulnerability assessment tool offer any mitigation controls in the event that a patch isn’t available?
  • Do the affected assets include databases and web servers that hold critical data and perform crucial business operations?

If you’re trusting your organization’s security to vulnerability assessment tools, make it a rule to see if your current solution helps you meet the above vulnerability assessment checklist—otherwise you run the risk of joining the densely populated club of cyber casualties.

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