Protect Your Network Edge at Any Scale

The concept of the NGFW was introduced a decade ago by Gartner. According to Gartner, NGFWs are “deep-packet inspection firewalls that move beyond port/protocol inspection and blocking to add application-level inspection, intrusion prevention, and bringing intelligence from outside the firewall.”

Traditional firewalls operated at Level 3 and Level 4, and allowed or blocked traffic based on port and protocol, leveraged stateful inspection, and made decisions based upon defined policies. As attacks evolved and became more sophisticated, attackers were able to bypass the stateful inspection firewalls, making enhanced security more critical.

Protect Your Business by Instantly Finding and Stopping Attacks

NGFWs emerged to provide all the capabilities of a traditional firewall, and the additional capabilities of application control and integrated intrusion prevention. They also provided more granular capabilities to identity user, location, and application.

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